Seers village

Release date:

First day



Premium only:


No. of banks:


No. of altars:

1, could be more.

Current ruler:

Not sure.

Teleport tab location:



Humans; Animals; Undead; Monsters.

Home of the seers, Seers village is has many wondeful attractions. It is the second of four non-premium areas people can teleport to. It is most known for its trees.

Places of interestEdit


West of the spawn point is a bank. The bank is where people usually go to socialize, bank their items and sell their junk. Seers' bank is the furthest away of its spawn point out of all of them.

Camelot castleEdit

King Arthur seems to have misplaced his castle. This place currently has no use, besides being the spawn point, and cannot be directly entered.

Boxing ringEdit

In place of the party room, there is a giant boxing ring. This is where people go to box when they're in the mood for something a bit more fun.

Tanner's houseEdit

Got some cowhides or dragonhides that need tanning? The tanner's house is the place for you!

His Holiness' yew groveEdit

Three yew trees spawn here, and if you go to the second floor of the building just up North, there's a spinning wheel.

Flax fieldEdit

South of Seers is a flax field. Pick all the flax you can carry here.

Undead mineEdit

South of the flax field is a mine. The mine contains a level 73 miniboss, Undead one, moss giants, skeletal miners and skeletons.


A small fishing village just south-east of the spawn point. This is where people go to get their fishing equipement. This is also usually the place where people go to cook, as there is a cooking range just to the east of the bank.


Non-player charactersEdit

  • Bank
    • N/A
  • Camelot castle
    • N/A
  • Boxing ring
    • N/A
  • Tanner's house
    • Tanner
  • His Holiness' yew grove
    • N/A
  • Flax field
    • N/A
  • Undead mine
    • N/A
  • Catherby
    • Harry the fishing supplies salesman
  • Other
    • Nolar


  • Chickens (level 1)
  • Cows (level 2)
  • Skeletons (level 25)
  • Skeletal miners (level 42)
  • Moss giants (level 42)
  • Undead one (level 73)


  • None


  • There used to be a party room where the boxing ring currently is, but it was removed and replaced with the, err, boxing ring because the content team had no intentions of using it.
  • There is a random moss giant on a small island south of catherby.
  • The teleport tab calls Seers village "Seers", most likely due to one of the developpers being lazy.

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