_+*~ Yanille ~*+_ Yanille is the home town of Dodian. It is the first of four non-premium areas people can teleport to. All non-premium members respawn here after death.
Places of interest
Bank South of the spawn point is the Yanille bank. The bank is where people usually go to socialize, bank their items and sell their junk.
Wizards' guild The wizards' guild is home to Melzar and Wizard Distentor. It is currently the only place that allows you to teleport to the essence mine. You can start the quest titled "Age of Magic " here.
General store The general store is west of the spawn point. It's home to a shopkeeper (who buys pretty much everything and sells all your basic skilling tools) and the non-premium thieving chest.
Dragon Inn In the mood for a nice, refreshing beer? Too bad; this place is pretty much useless, besides being used once in Age of Magic. Brana, the guard captain and Hops are regular visitors in the Inn's bar.
Yanille dungeon entrance The entrance to the Yanille dungeon, which contains many assorted badies.
Dad Landing For lack of a better name, this area is called Dad Landing. It contains a level 101 boss, Dad, Heros and a sand pit.
Smithee's corner The smithee's corner contains a small furnace and 3 anvils (one of which being very close to the entrance and another hugging the furnace and is just south of the bank, making it the place of choice for those looking to gain some smithing levels.
Yanille mine North-east of the town is a mine.
Its contents are:
1 coal
8 iron
4 clay
2 copper
7 tin
2 mithril
Non-player characters
Bank*N/A Wizards' guild*Melzar

  • Wizard Distentor

General store*Shopkeeper Dragon Inn*Randy the barman

  • Hops
  • Brana
  • Guard captain

Yanille dungeon entrance*None, but the dungeon it leads to has many monsters inside. Dad Landing*N/A Yanille mine*N/A Other*Master Farmer

  • Guard

Chickens (level 1)
Giant rats (level 3)
Guards (level 20)
Watchmen (level 34)
Moss giants (level 42)
Heros (level 69)
Dad (level 101)
Age of Magic - Can be started at the top floor of the Wizards' guild.
~ Age of Magic, the very first quest to be released on Dodian, can be started here.
~ Yanille was also the home town in Ub3r.
~ It is currently one of the most useful and varied towns in the game.__________________

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